Forest fire alarm in Kågetrakten

After yesterday's blaze north of Byske, there's another forest fire near Kåge.

Kåge 1 juni 2023 13:35

It remains uncertain precisely where the fire is blazing and whether it was ignited intentionally or accidentally. Emergency services are currently investigating the situation.

Update 10.29:

A driver on the E4 reported visible smoke from the roadway.

– We're having trouble pinpointing the location," states an operator from SOS Alarm.

Emergency services have yet to locate the fire.

Update 11.11:

–  We still haven't found it. They're currently searching in Frostkåge, says Magnus Nyberg of the rescue service.

Update 12.15:

The rescue service has located the fire between Söderbodarna and Breviken. Given the potential for it to spread, a decision has been made to dispatch six additional vehicles from the rescue service.

–The wind is a key factor. The fire could spread rapidly due to the wind, says an SOS Alarm operator, adding:

– We're deploying significant resources, but that doesn't necessarily mean the fire is extensive, there's just a risk of it spreading.

Update 12.37:

The fire appears to be burning in open land, possibly a grass or forest fire. Sebastian Fjaestad from the rescue service says they are still unsure of the fire's size.

– We don't yet know the extent, but it's very windy out, which is why we've deployed a significant number of resources, he explains.

Update 13.08:

The fire has burned an open grassy area and has spread towards the forest. The fire's reach is approximately 500 meters in circumference, and the rescue service is methodically moving inwards.

– We've reported the fire. All units on-site are engaged in firefighting efforts. Given the strong winds, there's a clear and present danger. However, we have the situation under control and estimate it will be completely under control in two hours, says Sebastian Fjaestad from the rescue service.

At present, seven vehicles are on-site. They have been dispatched from Byske and Skellefteå stations. A water tanker from Piteå is en route.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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