Major investment in the rural north games industry

Existing owners and Ackra Invest AB, a regional investment company owned in equal parts by Skellefteå Kraft and Region Västerbotten, are now implementing a larger share issue in the company Mind Detonator, which operates a gaming village in Jörn.

Lars Lindblom and Johan Linder of Mind Detonator and Håkan Pettersson of Ackra Invest, are very satisfied with their new collaboration

Lars Lindblom and Johan Linder of Mind Detonator and Håkan Pettersson of Ackra Invest, are very satisfied with their new collaboration

Foto: Lars Westerlund

Jörn2023-03-21 13:19

With the stake in Mind Detonator, Ackra Invest is making a departure from its previous investment strategy.

– We have mostly invested in mature companies, but we are so impressed by the fantastic initiative from Mind Detonator in Jörn that we want to be part of their growth journey, says Håkan Pettersson, CEO of Ackra Invest.

He admits to Norran that at first he was a little skeptical about the business idea of gaming villages in the countryside.

The team behind Game Village Jörn.

– But after meeting  them I was sold because we immediately clicked. We share the same values and there is huge potential in what Mind Detonator is doing. It's especially great that they invest in the hinterland, says Håkan.

Mind Detonator's business concept is to capture talent and build the next generation gaming companies far from the big cities. The concept is about helping gaming companies in the early stages. It is a combination of local support, local investors and international game development companies that help to create the best conditions for the game creators.

Johan Linder and Håkan Pettersson see a bright future for the gaming industry in Jörn.

– Ackra investing in us and our vision feels incredibly good. They want to help develop the whole of Västerbotten and we already see many synergistic effects where we will strengthen each other, comments Johan Linder, chairman of the board of Mind Detonator.

In addition to Ackra Invest, some big players in the gaming industry are now also investing new capital in Mind Detonator, via the company Grumpy&Old.

– It also feels good that more people who are active in the industry invest in us. The large gaming company Arrowhead has already invested in Mind Detonator. They also contribute with their invaluable know-how, says Lars Lindblom, CEO of Mind Detonator.

He says that nationally the game industry is growing to the point where the need for developers is enormous. However, it is very difficult for start-up gaming companies to find early funding and a connection.

Blackboard at Game Village Jörn's office.

 – We can play an important role there. The fact that new companies are also being formed and that young driven people from all over Sweden are moving to Jörn feels enormously satisfying, says Lars.

In 2022, five new gaming companies started their operations in Mind Detonator's premises in Jörn, the first of which has already signed a publishing agreement and several other companies are having promising discussions with other international publishers.

– It looks really good for them and we aim to bring in another five gambling companies this year and as many in the next few years, says Johan Linder.

"We have the same values and there is enormous potential in what Mind Detonator does. It is great that they invest in the hinterland," says Håkan Pettersson.

In April, Mind Detonator will launch a bigger campaign to encourage games companies to come to Jörn.
 – We already have 15 applications to join, so the interest is there, says Johan.

Ann-Louise Jonsson, who works with the development of a horse game and the coach Linda Kiby Zetterman.
 Game Village Jörn.
Game Village Jörn.
Mind Detonator

Mind Detonator is a gaming catalyst that operates outside the major cities. It is an initiative to complement the gaming industry and broaden it, as well as showcase the possibilities in smaller towns where people can live well with low overheads, and focus on producing high quality games.