Trinec extends AIK's poor run of form

Skellefteå AIK lost to Ocelari Trinec.
Skellefteå AIK lost to Ocelari Trinec.

The Czech team, Ocelari Trinec, brutalized AIK in the first quarter, and while AIK fought back, they ultimately succumbed 4-3. A victory is now needed in next week's return match, if they're to progress to the CHL quarter finals.

Ishockey 15 november 2023 12:18

Anticipation for the CHL round of 16 game in the Czech Republic had already been dampened the day before when Norran confirmed that AIK would be without recent acquisition, Andreas Johnson. The mood quickly turned sour as AIK lost on the road to Ocelari Trinec, their fifth defeat in the last six games.

Less than two minutes into the game, Trinec took the lead with a shot from the back and AIK, who have been struggling offensively, had to chase from the start.

A few minutes later, AIK got a powerplay opportunity after a penalty, but their performance on the five-on-four reflected their season as a whole: lackluster.

Soon after, it was the home team's turn on the powerplay, and the Czechs, led by Robert Ohlsson, gave AIK a lesson in offensive play. 2-0.

By the third period, they were losing 3-1, but they didn't give up, with Martins Dzierkals, and then Dylan Sikura hauling AIK back level. 

The joy from the AIK camp was short-lived. Trinec regained their lead in the closing minutes and secured the victory.


CHL, round of 16, first leg.

HC Ocelari Trinec–Skellefteå AIK 4–3 (2–0, 0–1, 2–2)

Goals: 1–0 (01.41) Jakub Jerábek (Petr Vrána), 2–0 (13.03) Martin Ruzicka (Vozenilek, Jerabék), 2–1 (24.46) Linus Lindström (Hugg), 3–1 (44.54) Daniel Kurovsky, 3–2 (46.15) Måns Forsfjäll (Stenman, Dzierkals), 3–3 (52.21) Dylan Sikura (Lindström, M Lindholm), 4–3 (56.06) Libor Hudacék (Nestrasil, Polásek).

Shots: 15–26 (4–8, 4–10, 7–8)

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