Norran's ultimate guide to the hockey playoffs

It's spring soon, and the playoff season has already begun. Norran reports from all the local leagues and picks out the three teams to keep an eye on.

Oscar Möller, the captain of Skellefteå AIK.

Oscar Möller, the captain of Skellefteå AIK.

Foto: Ola Westerberg

Ishockey2023-02-24 16:33

The best part of the hockey season is approaching, and there's a lot to look forward to in Skellefteå. The playoffs of all series are coming up, and there are three teams in particular that are playing for promotion or going for gold.

1. Skellefteå AIK, women's team

Aiming for a spot in the Swedish top league, SDHL, Skellefteå AIK went through their series without any losses. Now, after the second stage of the season, they're ranked fifth of eight teams going into the playoffs.

Clara Markeby is the captain of Skellefteå AIK.

Indeed, the playoffs have already started. On Thursday night, Skellefteå AIK won the tight first game against Färjestad BK, their opponent in the equivalent of the quarter finals, 1–0. Next game is played on Saturday in Karlstad. A win for Skellefteå then would mean advancement to the next stage.

The quarter finals and semi finals are played as the best of three games.


Thursday 23/2: Game 1:3 Skellefteå AIK – Färjestad BK 1–0

Saturday 25/2 12.00: Game 2:3 Färjestad BK – Skellefteå AIK

Sunday 26/2 12:00: If necessary, game 3:3, Färjestad BK – Skellefteå AIK

Semi-finals: Played between March 2 and 5.

SDHL promotion play-off final: Played between March 9 and 19.

Oscar Möller, the captain of Skellefteå AIK.

2. Skellefteå AIK, men's team

Currently at the top of the SHL, Skellefteå AIK is aiming to win the regular season. With six games to go, Skellefteå has four points more than Växjö Lakers in second place.

Besides winning one million kronor, the team that wins the regular season also gets home advantage through all of the playoffs, and has statistically higher chances of being national champions.


Regular season:

Saturday 25/2 18:00: Skellefteå AIK – Leksands IF

Tuesday 28/2 19:00: Frölunda HC – Skellefteå AIK

Thursday 2/3 19:00: Skellefteå AIK – Luleå HC

Saturday 4/3 15:15: Skellefteå AIK – Färjestad BK

Tuesday 7/3 19:00: HV71 – Skellefteå AIK

Thursday 9/3 19:00: Skellefteå AIK – Örebro HK

Quarter finals: Played between March 16 and March 29.

Semi finals: Played between March 31 and April 13.

Final: Played between April 15 and April 29.

Clemensnäs HC is looking to take a spot in the men's division I.

3. Clemensnäs HC, men's team

Being utterly dominant through all of the season, Clemensnäs, who hail from Ursviken, east of Skellefteå, have made it clear that they want to take the step to Division 1, up from Hockeytwåan, the fourth tier of Swedish hockey, where they've languished since 2012. After 25 games, Clemensnäs has only lost once –  and that was in overtime.

With one game left during the regular season, they're aiming to be  promoted directly as champions of the league

Clemensnäs can be accompanied by either Burträsk HC or SK Lejon, both local teams, into the higher division. They are both fighting to take the last spot.


Regular season: 

Sunday 26/2 16:45: Clemensnäs HC – Burträsk HC

Qualifications: Played between March 12 and March 24.