Skellefteå Kraft arena reopens in time for Rögle match

Skellefteå Kraft arena's Hall A, closed since Monday afternoon due to "deficiencies in the roof structure" which posed a safety risk under heavy snow, has been cleared and will reopen on Thursday lunchtime, according to a press release from Skellefteå municipality.

A hall at the Skellefteå Kraft Arena reopens on Thursday.

A hall at the Skellefteå Kraft Arena reopens on Thursday.

Foto: Ola Westerberg

Ishockey2024-02-28 14:20

Trainings and activities were relocated to the B- and C-halls, ensuring minimal disruption. The timely reopening is crucial as Skellefteå AIK faces Rögle BK in a scheduled home match on Thursday.

– Clearing snow from roofs can be unpredictable and may take longer than expected, admitted Fredrik Nilsson, property manager at Skellefteå municipality. 

– While concerns existed, everyone involved in the clearing process has worked diligently, and we're confident in meeting the deadline. He added:

– Approximately 20-30 personnel participated in the clearing efforts throughout the week.

Skellefteå AIK's acting club director, Niclas Lundkvist, expressed his initial concerns and the existence of a contingency plan with the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) in case the match couldn't be held in Hall A. 

–Thankfully, the clearing efforts were successful, and the match will proceed as planned, he concluded.