Strong start propels AIK to victory against HV71

Skellefteå AIK won at home against HV71 on Saturday after a strong first period in which Max Lindholm and Rickard Hugg scored their first goals of the season. For the first time this season, AIK won two games in a week.

Max Lindholm opened the scoring in the victory against HV71.

Max Lindholm opened the scoring in the victory against HV71.

Foto: Ola Westerberg

Ishockey2023-10-02 08:53

AIK enjoyed a brisk start to the game. They went close with their first attack. Star signing and hometown hero Oscar Lindberg fired a shot that hit the post. Then they were up and running.  HV71 struggled in the early stages of the game and Max Lindholm opened the scoring.

Before the end of the period, Rickard Hugg managed to break his goal and point drought, but HV71 responded with a late goal.

In the middle period the visitors came out much stronger and created a few chances. AIK weathered the storm and fought back, although the puck didn't find the back of the net. The second period ended scoreless with both teams having a few difficult chances.

The final period was similarly tight and almost identical to the previous one. HV71 had a few attacks where they crowded in front of the goal and hit random shots - and AIK created some danger when they managed to apply pressure.

However, the final push from the visitors never materialized, and when Linus Lindström was tripped as he skated towards the empty net to put the puck in, and the referees had no choice but to award the goal.


Skellefteå AIK–HV71 3–1 (2–1, 0–0, 1–0)

Goals: 1–0 (08.47) Max Lindholm (Lindberg, Sikura), 2–0 (15.27) Rickard Hugg (Johnson, Sandin Pellikka), 2–1 (19.06) André Petersson (Borgström), 3–1 (59.09) Linus Lindström (Granberg).

Shots: 25–19 (15–9, 10–10)

Penalty minutes: (4–6, 0–0, 0–0)

Referees: Tobias Björk, Alexander Österberg.

Attendances: 4471