AIK survive early storm to notch up convincing 5-1 win

Goalie, Linus Söderström, was at the center of the action against Leksand. "It was a bombardment," he says of the first period.
Goalie, Linus Söderström, was at the center of the action against Leksand. "It was a bombardment," he says of the first period.

Away team Skellefteå AIK didn't get off to a good start. But goalie Linus Söderström stood firm despite a barrage of shots from Leksand. "It was a bombardment, but we handled it well," he said after the match.

Ishockey 31 januari 2024 09:10

Skellefteå AIK struggled to find their rhythm in the early stages of the match. The home team, Leksand, dominated the visitors, but despite their advantage, they failed to convert their chances. Linus Söderström, who was in goal, saved all 18 shots in the first 20 minutes.

– It wasn't our best performance. We struggled in the first period, but it's commendable that we were able to come through that and secure a win in such an important game, said the goalkeeper after the match.

Commenting on the uniqueness of the first period and the pressure of facing 18 shots, Söderström said:

– It's a bit different from recent games. We've gelled as a team and performed well, so in many games I haven't been heavily involved, although I've had some difficult situations. This time it was a bombardment, but we managed it effectively.

Despite conceding a goal to Kalle Östman in the third period, Söderström reflected on his performance, saying:

– As a goalie, you're the last line of defense. I have dedicated teammates who have bailed me out many times; this time I may have returned the favor a bit in the first period. But wins and losses are collective results.

Söderström finished the game with an impressive 34 saves on 35 shots.

With their second win in a row, AIK leapfrogged Leksand into third place in the standings.

– It was a very important win and we're happy with the result. We've been challenged with a hectic schedule since the Christmas break, and we've performed admirably given the circumstances, said Söderström, looking forward to the upcoming matches before the national team break.

Next up is a home game against Modo, and Söderström is looking forward to returning home.

– It will be a welcome change, he said.


Leksands IF – Skellefteå AIK 1–5 (0–0, 0–2, 1–3)

Goals: 0–1 (24.05) Jonathan Pudas (Hugg, J. Johnson), five against four, 0–2 (36.18) Simon Robertsson (Sandberg, Lindberg), 0–3 (48.22) Max Lindholm (Pudas), 0–4 (49.04) Pär Lindholm, 1–4 (49.30) Kalle Östman (Johansson, Carter), 1–5 (59.41) Linus Lindström (Granberg, Lindberg).

Shots: 35–19 (18–5, 8–10, 9–4)

Penalty minutes: 2–6 (0–4, 2–0, 0–2)

Attendance: 5,575

Referees: Richard Magnusson, Kristoffer Folkstrand.

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