Disney magic: big TV show to film in Boliden

The streaming giant Disney Plus is well underway in producing its first major project in the Nordic region – an adaptation of Mikael Niemi's novel "Koka Björn" (Boil the Bear). Now, Norran can reveal that there are plans to shoot several scenes outside Boliden in a couple of weeks.

The homestead in Rismyrliden is well-preserved. Today, it's a visitor farm that stands as one of Västerbotten's most popular destinations for outings.

The homestead in Rismyrliden is well-preserved. Today, it's a visitor farm that stands as one of Västerbotten's most popular destinations for outings.

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"Koka Björn," produced by Disney Plus and the film company Anagram, is set in Tornedalen during a summer in the mid-1800s. 

The cast includes a range of famous Swedish actors, such as Gustaf Skarsgård, Pernilla August, Simon J. Berger, and Magnus Krepper. In a notice from the production company, extras are sought for various scenes to be shot "just outside Boliden between September 4 and 7." 

According to the notice, the scenes require farmhands, maids, farmers, and villagers. Norran has obtained an email conversation between the production and the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) from last week. In the email, the production company wants to deviate from part of an agreement with Länsstyrelsen by changing the shooting days. 

The email states that the film production intends to shoot in the village of Rismyrliden between August 28 and September 7. The reason for the change in shooting days, according to the email, is a harvest market scheduled to take place in the village in September. 

Rismyrliden is about twenty kilometers south of Boliden. It is the only preserved manor in Västerbotten with a complete set of buildings. The 500-hectare estate, built in 1825, has become a popular tourist destination.

The series will screen on Disney Plus.

Norran has been in touch with the association "Rismyrlidens vänner" (Friends of Rismyrliden), which declines to comment on the information and refered us to Disney. VK (Västerbottens-Kuriren) has previously reported various twists in the filming of "Koka Björn." 

In Stekenjokk, filming was recently halted after the County Administrative Board of Jämtland denied the film company's application for a permit to drive off-road vehicles in the sensitive area. 

However, filming was able to proceed as planned at another location in Västerbotten – Olofsfors bruk in Nordmaling Municipality. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, several well-known actors were seen there, a story which the newspaper Västerbottningen was the first to report.

Pernilla August is part of the star-studded cast.
Gustaf Skarsgård plays the lead role as the priest Læstadius..

Susanne Wänman, business developer at Olofsfors bruk, told the newspaper that they were contacted by a location scout last winter. 

– He came and looked at the smelting house, the forge, and the manor house, but he didn't say more than that he was looking for good filming environments on behalf of a major film company," she told Västerbottningen and continued: 

– In the spring, they contacted us again and wanted to use the smelting house and the forge, but the manor house has walls that are too high to fit the northern Swedish architectural style where the story actually takes place.

The drama series "Koka Björn" is based on Mikael Niemi's novel of the same title. Gustaf Skarsgård plays the lead role as the priest Læstadius. Together with the Sami boy Jussi, played by Emil Kárlsen, he investigates a mysterious death in Kengis by the Torne River in Norrbotten in 1852. 

Author Mikael Niemi is the writer behind the novel 'Koka Björn,' on which the Disney Plus series is based.

The series is directed by the Norwegian Trygve Allister Diesen. In addition to the Swedes in the cast, it's also confirmed that Norwegian Ane Dahl Torp and Finnish Tyra Wingren will have significant roles. ┣ ┣ 

According to the agency Salomonsson, which represents an actor in the production, "Koka Björn" will premiere on Disney Plus sometime next year. Norran has reached out to the film company Anagram for a comment. They are directing inquiries to Disney. In an email to VK (Västerbottens-Kuriren), a Disney employee states that there will be "a press day held at the end of the shooting, and they will provide information as soon as possible."

Extra work?

The requirements for "Koka Björn" extras in Boliden:

Adults should be between 18 and 70 years old; children between 7 and 18 years old. Men must not have very short hair and preferably have beards. Hair color must not be bleached or dyed. No visible tattoos or piercings, eyelash extensions, false nails, fillers, or tattooed eyebrows are allowed.

Pay will be 999 kronor per shooting day. Applications, which should include a recent close-up and full-body photo, must be submitted by September 1.