See how Skellefteå voted, with a detailed breakdown by area

At Morö Backe Centrum, nearly half of the voters chose the Social Democrats, while at Sörböle, almost no one voted for the Liberals. Here are the EU election results in Skellefteå, district by district.

This is how Skellefteå voted.

This is how Skellefteå voted.

Foto: TT/Norran

EU-valet2024-06-10 13:59

The Social Democrats experienced the most significant decline in Skellefteå municipality, where they lost 6.1 percentage points. This decline, however, is probably due to a "Jonas Sjöstedt effect", which has benefited the Left Party. Jonas Sjöstedt is a very popular politician in the area, who decided to run for office again. The Left Party gained 10.3 percentage points in Skellefteå municipality, making it the second-largest party in the EU elections.

Overall, the trends are very similar to the national results. The Green Party has gained several percentage points, while the Moderates have gained slightly. On the other hand, the Sweden Democrats, the Centre Party and the Christian Democrats have seen a decline. The performance of the Liberals remains unchanged.

You can see the complete results in the graph below. You can also select a municipality and analyze the results district by district.

Parties' strongest districts:

Social Democrats: Morö Backe Centrum, 46.9 percent

Center Party: Burträskbygden, 16.9 percent

Christian Democrat: Hjoggböle, 8.6 percent

Liberals: Centrum Södra, 3.9 percent

Green Party: Norrhammar, 17.7 percent

Moderates: Centrum Norra, 14.5 percent

Swedish Democrats: Skelleftehamn Västra, 17.2 percent

Left Party: Anderstorp Östra, 26.4 percent

Parties' weakest districts:

S: Skråmträsk–Klutmark, 22.5 percent

C: Skelleftehamn Västra, 2.7 percent

CD: Skelleftehamn Östra, 1.4 percent

L: Sörböle, 0.6 percent

GP: Jörn, 4.2 percent

M: Anderstorp Östra, 4.8 percent

SD: Älvsbacka Östra, 5.0 percent

LP: Kåge Södra, 13.6 percent

In the inland, the Sjöstedt effect is even more pronounced. In Norsjö, the Left Party gains 12.9 percentage points, while the Social Democrats lose 11.0 percentage points.

In Malå, the Left Party becomes by far the largest party with 35.9 percent - an increase of 21.6 percentage points. The Social Democrats lose 17.1 percentage points and end up with 24.9 percent.

Not all the votes have been counted yet; the last votes will be counted on Wednesday. The lowest turnout so far seems to be in Malå, where only 27 percent of the eligible population has voted. In Norsjö, 37 percent of eligible voters have voted, and in Skellefteå, 49 percent of eligible voters have voted. Nationally, 50 percent of the population has voted.