Your guide to sportlov activities in Skellefteå

Sportlov is a one-week school holiday usually at the end of February but this year at the beginning of March. Its purpose is to get children outdoors to participate in winter sports or just to have fun. We have gathered here as many activities as possible to give you, the parents, as much choice as possible. Enjoy!

Lots of fun to be had at Leo's Lekland.

Lots of fun to be had at Leo's Lekland.

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Get out into the sunshine!

Vitbergsbacken is a ski resort located just outside the center of Skellefteå. It's a classic hotspot for sportlov, especially if you're with kids. There are two lifts, two slopes, a kids' slope, and a fun park with jumps and rails.
Mossgatan, 931 70 Skellefteå

Bygdsiliumsbacken is another great skiing option, located 20km south of Burträsk. It's a small resort with seven runs and a cafe that boasts a fantastic view.
Rengårdsberget 1, 937 96 Bygdsiljum

Grilling outside always makes the food taste better.

Klutmarksbacken has three Alpine runs and a Nordic loop at the outer edge of the children’s slope that leads into the forest. It has a cable lift and a tow lift.
Klutmark 323, 931 97 Skellefteå

Storklinta has several adults' and kids' slopes, and a homely restaurant. It's a little way from Jörn, northwest of Skellefteå.
Storklinta, 930 55 Jörn


The huskies of Hedlunda Husky.

Skogsgläntans 4F-gård is a farm in Byske where kids can ride ponies, play with animals such as horses, rabbits, goats, cats, and ducks, and learn about nature. They also offer crafting for kids every day. It's a great place for animal lovers and crafters alike. Open Monday to Friday, 10.00-14.00. Free entry.
Ringvägen 20, 930 47 Byske

Hedlunda Husky offers dog-sledding tours in Överklinten, Robertsfors. You can choose from half-day or full-day tours, or even evening jaunts to see the Northern Lights. And if you're feeling adventurous, the staff can train you to drive your own team. Visit for more information.
Heden 14, 915 91 Robertsfors

Conny Lundström provides an expert wildlife photography experience, where you can take pictures of golden eagles, woodpeckers, foxes, and sometimes even the Northern Lights. It's a cool outdoor activity for both kids and adults.
Kalvträsk, 930 27

Hiking in Skellefteå is a great option if you're looking for a more low-key activity. Pick a trail, pack some fika, dress warmly, and strap on those hiking boots to enjoy the beautiful nature that Skellefteå has to offer. 


Lots of fun to be had at Leo's Lekland.

Leo's Lekland is an endless playground for kids with jungle gyms, slides, trampolines, ball pools, and little sports arenas. Parents can join in or relax on comfy couches.
Gymnasievägen 20, 931 57 Skellefteå

Skellefteå Chess Club offers a more cerebral workout than some other activities here. This very friendly bunch of chess enthusiasts meet on Wednesdays at the library in Sara kulturhus between 17.00-20.00. 
Kanalgatan 43b, 931 31 Skellefteå

The Trampoline House
At 2,360 m², the Trampoline House offers a huge trampolining experience. Let the kids bounce off some of that excess energy while you watch on, sipping a cup of coffee
Nöppelbergsvägen 16, 931 76 Skellefteå

Barnsia at Skellefteå museum is a local historical learning environment for kids aged six and under. Let your kids explore and absorb the cultural heritage of Skellefteå.
Ernst Westerlunds Alle, 931 32 Skellefteå

Skellefteå Museum also offers crafts and workshops for children of all ages, Wednesday and Thursday, March 6 - 7. The café is also open on these days.
Ernst Westerlunds Alle, 931 32 Skellefteå

All sorts of things the kids can do on the water!

Eddahallen is a swimming pool complex with six pools suitable for all ages, including those with disabilities. It also offers a sauna and a jacuzzi. Swimming and playing in the pool is a fun way to spend the day for the whole family. There are also smaller swimming pools in Burträsk, Byske, Lövånger, Skelleftehamn, and Jörn.
Norrvallagatan 1, 931 37 Skellefteå

Exploratoriet is an amazing, interactive space filled with exhibits that both kids and adults can experience, explore, and discover new things. It's a great place to learn and have fun.
Ernst Westerlunds Alle, 931 32 Skellefteå

Boda Borg is an adventure cavern located deep under Vitberget, with 49 rooms filled with exciting quests and challenges for you and your kids to solve. It's the perfect place for a family adventure.
Vitberget 10, 931 70 Skellefteå

Bowlingkompaniet offers old-fashioned, indoor ten-pin bowling with a great atmosphere and good food. And if you want to show off your dance moves, Cosmic Bowling days are the perfect opportunity.
Gymnasievägen 14B, 931 57 Skellefteå

Sportlov - time to get on the snow!
Sportlov - time to get on the snow!