WIN! Tickets to see the incredible Cirkus Cirkör!

An acrobat hangs by her hair. Other circus performers fly through the air, contorting their bodies to dizzying limits. Everything seems poised to crash to the ground. But it doesn't. Welcome to Cirkus Cirkör, a type of circus you'll likely never have seen before.

Contortionists akimbo!

Contortionists akimbo!

Foto: Håkan Larsson

Engelska2024-03-06 17:45

Warning: there are no clowns, silly cars or lion-tamers. 

But there are death-defying acrobats shinning up poles precariously balanced a fellow acrobat's forehead.

And there's another of the troupe hanging from the ceiling. By her hair! This is something you just have to see.

Ouch, that must hurt!

Cirkus Cirkör is an award-winning "new circus" troupe, formed in 1995, and is the Nordic region's biggest new circus.

Norran English has ten pairs of tickets to give away for their forthcoming new show, Tipping Point, at Sara kulturhus on March 17.

To have the chance to win all you need to do is answer the following questions, based on Norran English stories, and email with your responses by 10am, Monday, March 11.

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Contortionists akimbo!
Cirkus Cirkör

Cirkus Cirkör, established in 1995, has grown into a leading global player and is the largest new circus company in the Nordic region. Founded by Tilde Björfors alongside a group of aspiring new circus artists, the company tours internationally with a diverse repertoire of groundbreaking circus performances and other artistic events. 

They also offer educational opportunities through workshops and trainings for various age groups and have even established a dedicated circus gymnasium.

The name and its meaning

The company's name, Cirkör, blends the French words for "circus" (cirque) and "heart" (cœur), perfectly capturing their artistic philosophy of combining high-caliber skills with an emotional depth.

Tipping Point - Balancing in a Time of Change

Their latest production, "Tipping Point - Balancing in a Time of Change," employs acrobatics, aerial artistry, hair-hanging, and contortionism to explore the concept of human structures. The performers engage in a captivating interplay with these structures, showcasing movement that reflects both harmonious collaboration and defiance against them.

Behind the scenes

The production features creative contributions from:

Director: Alexander Weibel

Costume and scenography: Saara Ahola

Composer and musician (on stage): Axel Fagerberg

Lighting designer: Patrik Bogårdh

Tipping Point at Sara kulturhus on March 17.