Why the mosquitoes are particularly annoying this year

The mosquitoes have arrived.
The mosquitoes have arrived.

The conditions for a ”good” mosquito year have been favourable. ”Their eggs hatch in puddles in spring and come to life when the summer temperatures heat up”, says mosquito researcher Anders Lindström at the National Veterinary Institute.

Engelska 26 juni 2023 11:00

– It was a good spring with lots of water in ground. When the snow melts puddles are formed in which the eggs hatch. If the weather then is cool and the puddles don’t dry out there will be more mosquitoes in early summer, says Lindström. 

There is no data to say whether there are more mosquitoes than usual this year but various factors could make it feel like that is the case. 

– Mosquitos are more active when it’s warm. People also wear fewer clothes and notice them more easily, says Anders Lindström. 

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