The next 7 days: Things to do in Skellefteå

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Handbook for Housewives

Handbook for Housewives

Foto: Patrick Degerman

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Friday 28
What: Cozy Friday at Örjansbadet

Swimming in the evening.

During the spring of 2023, Örjansbadet will organize "Friday cozy" at the bathhouse one Friday evening every month. Welcome to Örjanshallen, which is located at Koppartorget in central Skelleftehamn, 15 kilometers east of Skellefteå. The bathing area with associated changing rooms was renovated in autumn 2020. On Friday night, the lights are dimmed and relaxing music is played from the speakers. No pre-booking is required
Time: 18:30-20:00 
Where: Örjansbadet, Skelleftehamn, Skellefteå
Suitable for: All the family
Cost: 60 kr
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Friday, until May 28 
What: Bigert & Bergström's The Broken Greenhouse

Bigert & Bergström

Skellefteå Art Gallery presents the Broken Greenhouse by the Swedish art duo Bigert & Bergström, whose new exhibition, The Broken Greenhouse, focuses on the destructive human impulse to control and tame nature by creating space for cultivation and cities. For this exhibition, the artists are showing new and older works that in different ways allude to the idea that nature created for humanity a perfect climate that is now broken. For almost thirty years, Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström's work has been driven by scientific and historical theories, often with clear reference to issues concerning the current climate crisis.
Time: 10:00-18:00, weekends, 10:00-20:00, weekdays
Where: Sara kulturhus, Kanalgatan 43b, Skellefteå
Suitable for: the whole family
Cost: Free
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Friday 28, Saturday 29
What: Handbok för Husmödrar - Handbook for Housewives (play is in Swedish)

Handbook for Housewives

Handbook for Housewives is a new play that depicts the life of a homemaker surrounded by frilled pillowcases, varnished floors and sewing machines. It's an intimate story about motherhood, love and a friendship that survives everything. Three actors play the same role at three different ages in a performance where women's often invisible work, such as childcare, needlework and housework, takes place on stage. Last two shows.
Time: 19:00, Friday, 15:00, Saturday
Where: Sara kulturhus
Suitable for: Adults and older teens
Cost: 215-355 kronor
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Saturday, 28
What: Dance Day

Dancing at Sara

Dance Day is one of the UN's international theme days. The International Dance Day was established in 1982, to commemorate the birthday of Jean-George Noverre. Noverre worked as a ballet master during the 18th century, and his works came to be of great importance for the development of ballet.

In Sweden, Dance Day has been celebrated since 1998, following an initiative by the Swedish Dance Committee for the Capital of Culture year. It is now an annual event to give extra attention to the dance.

This year, everyone who wants to come and celebrate is welcome in the Södra Foajén at Sara kulturhus! There will be both dance performances and try-outs in different dance styles, everything from traditional, Swedish club dance to South American tango rhythms and Egyptian belly dance.

10.30 – Oriental dance, demonstration
10.40 – Line dance, demonstration and try-on
11.30 – Cuban salsa, try-on
11.50 – Oriental dance, demonstration
12.00 – Gill dances, try-on
12.50 - Oriental dance, demonstration
13.00 – Balboa, try-on
13.50 – Bug and rock'n'roll dances, show. Then everyone is welcome to dance fox, bug,  and west coast swing .
14.40 – Oriental dance, demonstration and try-on
15.00 –Cuban salsa, try-on
15.30 – Argentine tango, demonstration and try-on
Time: 10:30-16:20
Where: South foyer, Sara kulturhus
Suitable for: all the family
Cost: free
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Saturday, until May 2
What: Like a Crown

May Lindholm and Lisbeth Boholm are two artists who enjoy exhibiting together and chatting when they work.

May Lindholm and Lisbeth Boholm are two artists who enjoy exhibiting together and chatting during the work period. Like a Crown is the period of work shown at Nordanå, under the auspices of Skellefteå art association, where May exhibits sculpture and Lisbeth painting. 
Where: Nordanå, Kanalgatan 43B, Skellefteå
Cost: Free

Saturday April 29
What: Family improv

Family improv

An impromptu adventure for the whole family! Together with our improvisers at the Västerbottensteatern, the audience creates funny, sad, exciting and mischievous stories off the cuff! Improvisational theater is theater without a script, so we expect the audience's imagination to be at its best - we're going to need it!
Time: 13:00-14:00
Where: Sara kulturhus
Suitable for: All the family
Cost: 110 kr
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Until Sunday.
What: Sauna in the Solar Egg

Bigert & Bergström and the Solar Egg

The Solar Egg is an oval sauna created by the internationally renowned artists Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström. It draws inspiration from Norrland's Arctic climate, and, right now it's sitting atop Sara kulturhus's north terrace. And it can be booked out, for free, for a sauna.
Time: Check for availability
Where: Sara kulturhus, Kanalgatan 43b, Skellefteå
Suitable for: Adults and teens
Cost: Free
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Other events:

Tuesday, May 2
What: Author visit, Stina Jackson

Stina Jackson

Stina Jackson, born in 1983, grew up in Skellefteå and has been living in Denver, USA for more than ten years. Jackson's acclaimed debut novel The Silver Road had a rarely seen breakthrough when it was published in 2018 and has reached a large readership both in Sweden and internationally. It has been sold to twenty-nine countries and has been awarded the Swedish Crime Novel of the Year 2018, the Nordic Crime Novel of the Year 2018 and the Book of the Year 2019 award. In autumn 2020, The Silver Road was nominated for the prestigious British Petrona Award: Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year.
Time : 18.00-19.30
Where: Staircase stage, Sara cultural center
Suitable for: All the family
Cost : Free
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Tuesday, May 2, 15:00 - 16:30 @What: Language café at the City Library, Sara cultural center @Welcome to the language café at the library on Campus Skellefteå! Here you can practice the Swedish language together with others. Coffee, tea and some snacks are available. A chance to chat in Swedish with no judgement. Everyone is welcome, both newcomers and those who have lived here for a long time.

Thursday, May 4
What: Fireside - Support: Jävligheten and Hök, Sara kulturhus
It's been a full 20 years since the wayward Luleå punks in Fireside last released new music, but on the new fantastic album 'Bin Juice', the style-forming band makes a long-awaited return. Support from terrific Skellefteå band, Hök.

Thursday, 18:30-19:30
What: Swedish chat, Cafe på Bit, Nygatan 28, Skellefteå
A chance to chat in Swedish with some language teachers. English catered for, too!

Thursday, 16:00 - 19:00
What: Friends in Skellefteå at Sankt Olovsgården, Café Canalen, Kyrkogatan 6
Friends in Skellefteå is network that wants to create opportunities for people with different backgrounds to meet. A meeting place for those who want to get to know more people in Skellefteå, practice Swedish and hang out.

Booking now: May, September

Friday, May 5, Friday, May 12
What: Social Improv Club

Improv night. In English!

Improv comedy! In English! Two dates in May. Don't miss these great nights out at Sara kulturhus.
Time: 19.00
Where: Sara cultural center
Suitable for: Adults and older teens 
Cost: SEK 185 - 255
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September 17
What: Gavin DeGraw

Gavin De Graw.

Multi-platinum-awarded singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw's inimitable voice and soulful expression first blossomed on 2003's platinum-awarded debut 'Chariot'. The album, which includes the gold singles "Follow Through", "Chariot" and "I Don't Want To Be" earned him a loyal audience worldwide, and in 2008 the self-titled follow-up "Gavin DeGraw" entered the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 with the platinum-selling single "In Love With a Girl".

Gavin DeGraw is coming to Sara kulturhus in Skellefteå for his exclusive tour premiere on September 17, 2023. Don't miss it!

The concert has a seated audience only. Max 6 tickets/purchase. 

Date: 17 September
Time: 20:00
Where : Stage 1, Sara cultural center
Suitable for: 13+
Cost: SEK 515 +

Stories in four languages
Stories in four languages