New Beer chain to open in Skellefteå – together with Lion Bar

German Beer Hall and Lion Bar are moving into the building by the river, formerly occupied by the restaurant/bar Rustique. “We are trying to hurry the renovation so that we can use the outside terrace during summer, it is ready” says Khadem Mohamadi who will be running the businesses.

The new dancefloor is under renovation.

The new dancefloor is under renovation.

Foto: Veronika Åström

Engelska2024-07-03 13:00

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Lion Bar has been in Skellefteå since 2020, occupying a space on Kanalgatan. They are now moving the business to a building right next to the river, where Rustique formerly resided. In the new building, Lion Bar is also going to be joined by another business called German Beer Hall. Their concept is precisely what it sounds like; a Germany-inspired bar with lots of beer and of course, sausages. 

The customer will be able to walk between the two businesses and order from both establishments in the same building. On the top floor, where Lion Bar will be located, there is going to be a dance floor. During the weekends, this will turn into a nightclub. 

The new dancefloor is under renovation.

There is not going to be any sport viewings at Lion Bar, that will be contained to the bottom floor, where the German concept will be located, says Khadem Mohamadi who will be running both establishments. 

Mohamadi hopes to be able to open as soon as possible. On Google, it says that the opening date is August 1; however, the owner hopes to open on July 15. 

– It is still unclear, we hope to open on July 15 but we have set a slightly later date in case things take more time, he says and continues:

– We are trying to hurry the opening so that we can use the outdoor terrace during the summer because that is finished, it is ready.

Khadem Mohamadi hopes to open July 15, but it is still unclear wheter the renovations will be finished on time.

The necessary permits are on their way, but there are still some internal renovations in need of finishing before they can open. 

As for what will happen to the old Lion Bar at Kanalgatan, Mohamadi says they will stop showing sports but can keep doing the karaoke nights; however, nothing is decided. 

– We have to focus on the river establishment. When we have decided on an opening date for the new place, we will close the Kanalgatan business for a few days before opening it up again, he says.