110 Södertorg apartments approved

Spring marks the beginning of construction at Södertorg, a project spearheaded by the municipality with a 32 million kronor investment. This ambitious plan aims to deliver 110 brand-new apartments.

Work will soon start at Södertorg.

Work will soon start at Södertorg.

Foto: Ümit Yıldırım on Unsplash

Engelska2024-04-17 15:00

Previously challenged by an appeal, the detailed plan for the new buildings has finally secured legal approval, paving the way for construction to commence. The initial phase will focus on infrastructure upgrades, a crucial step before residential construction begins.

To ensure efficiency, the municipality itself will undertake this groundwork, investing 15 million kronor in laying new water and sewage pipelines, along with 17 million kronor dedicated to constructing new streets and a revitalized square for the community.

Flexibility is key – the municipality acknowledges the potential need for a phased approach to construction. This allows for adjustments to align with the residential construction schedule. Additionally, to expedite the process, the municipality is considering utilizing its own personnel for the groundwork stage, potentially eliminating the need for external contractors.

This green light for the project was officially given at the municipality's recent planning and development committee meeting on Monday.

The timeline anticipates completion of the new square and streets alongside the residential buildings by 2027, marking a significant transformation for Södertorg.

The project details include five new rental buildings, with one rising eight stories high and the remaining four standing at four stories each.

The view from where the previous commercial building stood.