SMHI: Skellefteå finally to get a taste of spring

After a long winter, the forecast from SMHI now finally predicts sunshine and temperatures above freezing. "It seems like the warmth is finally on its way to Skellefteå," says Erik Höjgård-Olsen, a meteorologist at SMHI.

What is that bright shiny thing?

What is that bright shiny thing?

Foto: Gus Ruballo on Unsplash

Engelska2024-04-08 12:23

Good news for those yearning for sunshine and warmer weather! Erik Höjgård-Olsen, a meteorologist at SMHI, predicts a week with temperatures above freezing every day.

– It's milder air moving in this week, Höjgård-Olsen says. 

–The forecast shows temperatures above freezing every day.

If you're eager to soak up the sun, make the most of Monday and Tuesday. These will be the warmest days, with Tuesday reaching a high of around 11-12 degrees Celsius. Höjgård-Olsen says:

– On Tuesday, it looks like it will be warmest, between eleven to twelve degrees Celsius.

While the warmth will last all week, temperatures will drop slightly, ranging from 6 to 8 degrees Celsius during the day. Don't expect temperatures to surpass Tuesday's high.

Although daytime temperatures stay above freezing, be prepared for nighttime drops below zero. 

There's a small chance of mixed precipitation, including wet snow, on Friday night. This could lead to icy roads in the morning, so keep an eye on the latest forecast.

– I don't see any clear risk of slippery conditions right now, Höjgård-Olsen assures.

– However, it's always good to keep an eye on traffic and the weather forecast. Towards the end of the week, around Friday, there's a small risk of mixed precipitation with wet snow and below-zero temperatures overnight. That could lead to slippery conditions.

With the warmer temperatures, some snowbanks might start to shrink. However, a complete melt is unlikely, especially for larger snowdrifts along roadsides.

– There's a possibility that it will start to diminish some of the snowbanks that have accumulated, Höjgård-Olsen explains.

– However, the snow likely won't melt away primarily, especially not the large snowdrifts that have been cleared from roads and are along road edges.