This year's craziest tree has competition

The craziest tree in Västerbotten is in Kåge, according to the Forestry Society (Skogssällskapet). However, since this announcement in October, challengers for this title have been submitted to Norran.

Engelska 21 november 2023 12:39

A tree in Kåge was voted Västerbotten's craziest tree in a social media poll, Norran English reported in mid-October. The winning birch tree is located outside Kåge health center and was photographed by Angelika Andersson.


– The tree has a funny-shaped knot that the photographer thought looked like a bear, and I'm sure many people have done double takes when they passed it, says Karin Fällman Lillqvist, sustainability manager at Skogssällskapet, in a press release.

Following Norran's article, readers shared their own pictures of strange trees.


This pine tree can be found in Hedensbyn, as discovered by Kristina Odström.

– The bear in the tree outside Kåge HC is fantastic. It's fun when nature plays little tricks on our imagination. Last summer I found a fire-breathing dragon in the woods above Risbergsgatan in Hedensbyn. Maybe it's Katla, who has escaped from the fairy tales, she said.

Another tree has also been submitted, located in Kågemarken.


– This ball tree is in Kågemarken and is very special. It's called a witch's broom and doesn't seem to be very common, says Eva Moritz.

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