New festival in central Skellefteå with major artists

A new festival in Skellefteå city center, "Summertime Garden Party," is currently being planned. The booked artists include Miss Li, T.U.A.I, and E-Type. Gunnar Karlsson at Artistkontoret is both nervous and excited about the endeavor: "Now is the right time," he says. "Newcomers are a major reason for this new festival."

TUAI are coming to the Summertime Garden Party this summer.

TUAI are coming to the Summertime Garden Party this summer.

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Engelska2024-04-05 17:30

How are the preparations going for the Summertime Garden Party?

–Things are a bit hectic, but that's the nature of the beast leading up to any big event.

What is the vision behind the festival?

–We at Summertime have been wanting to organize a larger event for some time. Skellefteå's recent growth made us think a centrally located festival would be a great fit. Construction projects have limited larger events in the city center for a while, but with the completion of Sara kulturhus and its event space, Sara square the timing feels perfect.

Where will the festival take place?

– Sara Square, right outside the Sara kulturhus, was built specifically for events. It's a perfect space for a smaller, one-day festival.

You mentioned collaborating with Wood Hotel. Can you elaborate on that?

– We're not restaurateurs, so partnering with Wood was key. We'll handle the artistic side (sound, lights), while they'll manage a dedicated restaurant area with food and beverages.

Miss Li is coming too.

Will there be local bands performing?

– This year's focus is on established artists and ensuring a smooth operation. However, showcasing local talent is definitely a priority for future iterations.

Can you give us a hint about the stage setup?

–There will be some construction involved to create the stage area. We'll reveal the full layout once it's ready.

Will the city center be closed off for the festival?

– There will be a fenced-in area around the festival grounds. The entrance will likely be near H&M on Kanalgatan, with the restaurant area extending across Sara Square from Paolos. Finalizing the layout, including incorporating flowers and plants to reflect the "Garden Party" theme, will happen this spring.


Who is the target audience?

– The festival is open to all ages; however, the restaurant area will be age-restricted, for alcohol-licensing reasons.

How are you reaching out to Skellefteå's new residents?

– Newcomers are a big reason for this event. They're eager to experience the city, even those working short-term at Northvolt. We're in talks with Northvolt to understand their employees' interests. As Skellefteå grows, we believe this festival fills a gap for larger events.

What's the budget for the festival?

– It's a multi-million kronor investment. We need several thousand attendees for it to be successful.

Do you have an estimated ticket price?

– The Summertime company will handle ticketing, and the price will likely be around 750 kronor, plus or minus a few kronor. Final pricing is still being determined due to rising event costs (artists, sound, lights, etc.). Unlike a few years ago, a 300-400 kronor entry fee just isn't feasible. We hope to release tickets by the end of next week.

TUAI are coming to the Summertime Garden Party this summer.

Is there a concern about audience saturation with yet another festival in Skellefteå?

– We believe strongly in this event. The artist lineup complements, rather than competes with, our existing Summertime festival. People can enjoy both!

How many visitors are you expecting?

– The area can handle 5,000 to 6,000 people, and we're hoping to get close to that maximum.

Are you nervous?

– Absolutely! But sometimes you have to take risks. Studies show events are the second-biggest reason people visit Skellefteå, after visiting friends and family. We believe people are eager for entertainment, but the unpredictable Swedish weather is always a concern. As they say, we'll just have to hold on to our hats and hope for the best!


Summertime Garden Party is on Friday, August 16, 2024.