Skebo's plans for the future, and move-in day in Bureå

Last week, Bureå, which is located approximately 20 minutes south of Skellefteå, gained a large number of new residents. This is due to move-in day at the new Skebo rental apartments. Bureå, however, is not the only place where Skebo has planned rental apartments; more are to come.

Thanks to the open-plan living area Andreas and Kaho finds the apartment spacious.

Thanks to the open-plan living area Andreas and Kaho finds the apartment spacious.

Foto: Yvonne Rönngren

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It was last Monday that the keys to the new apartments were released. Andreas Köllefors says there were many moving trucks there already, on the first day.

– We chose to move in on Tuesday as opposed to Monday, hoping it would be less crowded.

Andreas started working at Northvolt eight months ago. He previously lived in a sublet house. However, the house was due to be sold and Andreas had to move, which is how he ended up in Bureå.

Andreas and Kaho Köllerfors moved from Boliden to Bureå.

Renting costs for new-builds are known for being steep. Andreas and his wife Kaho pay around 9500 SEK every month for their one-bedroom apartment of 57 square meters.

– The rent was higher in the house anyway, so this feels quite nice.

How did it feel to walk into the brand new apartment for the first time?

– It was bigger than I thought, and it feels clean now when everything is new, Kaho says.

Kylian Hallaert and Lisa De Waen have moved all the way from Belgium. Now they will work at the hospital and Northvolt respectively.
Emil Danielsson and Kalle Burman are also moving into the new apartments in Bureå together with their cat and dog.
The houses are made of wood with sunken in balconies providing shelter from wind.

Marketing Manager at Skebo, Anna Ersson, says the apartments have been adequately popular:

– There were a few we had to post twice, but now at move-in all of the apartments are rented.

With this establishment, Skebo is finishing up the investments they made in outer areas of Skellefteå, a plan that was decided upon in the summer of 2022. Other than Bureå, there have also been apartments built in Byske and Burträsk where tenants already moved in as well. The company also planned a project in Boliden; however, the plans were not approved by the municipality. Instead, they are now planning a big project to be located in Kåge.

Further building also awaits in Skellefteå at Anderstorps Gård, Getberget kvarteret Astern, and Morö Backe.

To place yourself in Skebo's housing queue, click the link here and create an account.

Emil Danielsson, Kalle Burman, the cat and the dog have moved in to their new home together.
All five houses open for move-in at the same time. In total there are 40 apartments with around 60 people living there.