High water levels hinder search for missing Zebastian

Two agonizing weeks have passed since 29-year-old Zebastian from Skellefteå vanished without a trace. Despite relentless efforts by both Missing People and the police, the search for Zebastian has been hindered by the region's unforgiving high water levels.

Zebastian has long ash-blonde hair, is about 172 centimeters tall, and weighs around 75 kg.

Zebastian has long ash-blonde hair, is about 172 centimeters tall, and weighs around 75 kg.

Foto: Privat

Engelska2024-05-22 12:22

Last seen on the night of May 8 in central Skellefteå, 29-year-old Zebastian has been missing for two weeks. Norran has been in touch with his family, who, in hopes of his safe return, have authorized the publication of his name and picture.

Missing People, as previously reported by Norran, have searched the Skellefte River for signs of 29-year-old Zebastian. However, search efforts are currently at a standstill due to limited information and high water levels.

Missing People's search for Zebastian has been hampered by two factors. First, they haven't received many leads from the police, making it difficult to pinpoint specific search areas. Second, high water levels in Skellefteå river have rendered further river searches unsafe for now.

– The strong currents make it nearly impossible to use our boats and equipment effectively, explains Martin Persson from Missing People.

– We'll likely need to wait a week or so for the water levels to recede before resuming searches on the river.

While the public can't directly participate in the search at this time, Martin Persson emphasizes the importance of immediate action if anyone spots Zebastian. They should contact the police right away.

Elin Andersson, a police press communicator, reiterated to Norran that the police are assisting Missing People. However, she clarified that the case is not currently being treated as a criminal investigation.

–There is no current suspicion of foul play, she confirmed.

Have you seen Zebastian?

Zebastian has long ash-blond hair, is approximately 172 centimeters tall, and weighs around 75 kg.

At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a black North Face jacket, black trousers, and white Adidas slippers.

If you have seen Zebastian or have information that could lead to his whereabouts, please call the police at 114 14.