Skellefteå 101: Must-dos for newcomers

Moving to a new town can be overwhelming. How can you quickly understand what makes a new home tick? Or understand its history? How do you become what the Swedes call a Skelleftebo (a Skellefteå resident)? Visit the following places and accelerate your integration into Skellefteå life.

Bonnstan, the old 'church town', has been here since the 1600s.

Bonnstan, the old 'church town', has been here since the 1600s.

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Help for newcomers

Welcome House

Welcome House is a meeting place in the city hall, where they are keen to answer any questions and arrange events for newcomers. The annual Christmas café is a hoot!

Welcome House, located on the ground floor of the city hall, should be your first stop. Welcome House is dedicated to helping newcomers and potential arrivals, by connecting them with various services, including housing, employment, and leisure activities. 

The organization also supports individuals moving from other countries in understanding and dealing with the intricacies of the Swedish bureaucracy. 

Additionally, Welcome House provides the option to schedule online meetings with job coaches and career counselors. The organization hosts informative sessions and events on various topics, creating chances for newcomers to connect with one another and begin building their social networks.

Getting to know Skellefteå

Skellefteå Museum

The exhibition "Storsia" at the museum tells the story of Skelleteå's history and identity.

Pay a visit to the captivating "Storsia" exhibition at Skellefteå Museum. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of stories that shaped Skellefteå's identity.

Discover not only the backbreaking work and social impact of mining, once Skellefteå's main industry, but also the ingenuity and adaptation of its people. Explore exhibits showcasing Sami culture, forestry, craftsmanship, and the evolving art scene. Witness how Skellefteå transformed from a small mining town into a vibrant modern city.


Bonnstan, the old 'church town', has been here since the 1600s.

Bonnstan was established in the 1600s and is one of the few remaining “living” church towns in Sweden. These were small communities built around churches, allowing farmers from far and wide to go to church - their journeys were so long they needed a place to sleep overnight. The current houses in Bonnstan were built in the mid-1830s after a fire destroyed the older Bonnstan.

Bonnstan is made up of 116 houses and 392 kammare, which are small, single-room dwellings. The kammare are typically built in groups and share a common wall.

Today, Bonnstan is a popular tourist destination, especially during the Bonnstan market held in August.

Things to do in Skellefteå

Sara kulturhus

Sara kulturhus is the jewel in Skellefeå's crown.

Sara kulturhus isn't just an unique building; it's the cultural heartbeat of the town. Join a guided tour to explore its eco-friendly design and diverse offerings. 

Experience a range of theatrical performances, from classic plays to contemporary shows. Enjoy live concerts featuring jazz, classical, or rock music. Dive into exhibitions featuring both local and international artists. 

At Sara kulturhus you can attend concerts and shows of all sorts. Picture shows the popband The Wannadies on their tour premiere.

If you prefer a tranquil moment, unwind in the library with a good book (there is a growing collection of non-Swedish language literature) or take part in practical workshops to express your creativity. 

Sara kulturhus also hosts a number of great restaurants.


Water play and many hands-on activities at Exploratoriet in Skellefteå. A fantastic place for adults and kids.

At Exploratoriet, it's all about hands-on science fun for everyone, kids and adults. Engage with exhibits explaining scientific concepts, from the human body to the mysteries of the universe. Join workshops, run experiments, and dive into the world of science and technology. 

Whether you're into robotics, renewable energy, or the power of the brain, Exploratoriet has something to pique your interest.


All sorts of activities, in winter and summer, are just five minutes from the city center.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Vitberget, only a five-minute drive from Skellefteå city center, presents an invigorating challenge. Whether you're lacing up your hiking boots, strapping on skis (freely available from Fritidsbanken, see below), or hopping on your bike, conquering the slopes of Vitberget is a rewarding endeavor. 

Enjoy a picnic lunch with a scenic backdrop, explore the nature trails, or simply savor the tranquility before embarking on your descent. 

Nature truly is on your doorstep in Skellefteå.


At Fritidsbanken you can loan all the sports equipment and gears you need to try out the outdoor life.

Embrace an active lifestyle without breaking the bank! Fritidsbanken is a community treasure trove of free-to-hire sports equipment, bicycles, and outdoor gear.

Borrow anything from skis and skates for winter adventures to kayaks and fishing rods for summer fun. Explore new activities, discover hidden talents, and connect with nature, all thanks to this unique initiative.


So much is free to hire at Fritidsbanken and Kulturbanken.

Need materials for your artistic endeavors? Look no further than Kulturbanken! 

This free community resource center empowers you to explore various art forms with its diverse selection of tools and supplies, including musical instruments, costumes, board games, crafting materials, easels, brushes, palettes, and inspiring art books.

Must-see sport

Skellefteå AIK

Skellefteå AIK are the sporting obession of many Skellefteå residents.

Immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of a Skellefteå AIK hockey game. Don the team's yellow and black colors, join the passionate chants of the crowd, and cheer on your new hometown heroes as they battle it out on the ice. 

The energy generated by these three-times Swedish champions is contagious, the excitement palpable, and the experience truly unforgettable. Witness first-hand the deep-rooted love for hockey that defines Skellefteå's sporting spirit. 

Everyone in Skellefteå seems to love hockey, so plug yourself in to this network.

Sara kulturhus is home to the regional theater Västerbottensteater, which regularly puts on great permormances. Picture is from "Jernbanan", an epic story based on the local author Sara Lidman's magnum opus.
Sara kulturhus is home to the regional theater Västerbottensteater, which regularly puts on great permormances. Picture is from "Jernbanan", an epic story based on the local author Sara Lidman's magnum opus.