Kids' favorite comes to Skellefteå this month

The colorful gang "Babblarna" is set to embark on an exceptionally long tour, featuring the newly written musical "Babblarna & Tjingeling-affären." One of the stops will be in Skellefteå on March 29.

Babblarna comes to Sara kulturhus with the musical, ”Babblarna & Tjingeling-affären”.

Babblarna comes to Sara kulturhus with the musical, ”Babblarna & Tjingeling-affären”.

Foto: Anja Callius

Engelska2024-03-11 10:15

Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo, Dadda, Diddi, and Doddo. Today, all parents of young children are familiar with them. Babblarna's biggest hit is the most played song ever in Swedish on Spotify. The books have sold a million copies, and the YouTube videos are equally popular.

Get ready for a new adventure! This time Babblarna presents "Babblarna & Tjingeling-affären".

Family musicals are planned years in advance, and this tour promises nine months of performances on the road. In the end, the group will have performed an astounding 1,000 shows, with three or four shows a day in some cities.

– For the youngest members of the audience, Babblarna reigns supreme, says producer My Blomqvist Olsberg. 

My Blomqvist Olsberg with Babblarna.

– The core audience is between two and five years old. Five-year-olds are seasoned fans who know all the songs and surprises, while two-year-olds get their first taste of pop concert excitement when Babblarna takes the stage. Through her engaging stories, Babblarna introduces young children to the joys of listening and reading, paving the way for a love of more complex books in the future.