An art lover's haven: Kulturhallen in Ostvik open all of July

During the month of July, visitors to Kulturhallen in Ostvik can enjoy a feast of colors, shapes, and various techniques, ranging from glass art to sculpture. Altogether, this creates an ensemble that vibrates with magic.

Anders Hägglund has arranged the summer exhibit in Ostvik since 2018.

Anders Hägglund has arranged the summer exhibit in Ostvik since 2018.

Foto: Sture Marklund

Engelska2024-07-11 16:00

The 2024 exhibition at Kulturhallen has gathered ten artists from the three northernmost provinces of Sweden. Anders Hägglund, the founder of Kulturhallen, has selected the exhibiting artists.

Anders Hägglund has arranged the summer exhibit in Ostvik since 2018.
Liselott Gunnarsson has made this glass artpiece.
Ethel Marklund does oilpaintings and is one of the ten artists displayed in the Konsthall.

– I have tried to choose artists with different expressions because I want a variety of techniques. This year, Kulturhallen includes sculptures, glass, watercolor, and oil paintings. Additionally, as usual, my own works are also included.

Anders Hägglund has managed to create a unique destination for art enthusiasts among locals and vacationers.

– The countryside comes alive in the summer, and July is the most beautiful time here with stunning views, so I recommend people to take a trip here, he says.

The egg is a symbol for life, vulnerability and strenght. "A lot of artists use this symbol, me included" says Anders Hägglund.

When visitors have satisfied their artistic appetite inside the hall, there is the opportunity to stroll around the scenic surroundings, where the sculpture "Frizon" (translated to free-zone) can be admired. The ground beneath the sculpture is kept free from human interference, allowing viewers to reflect on the work's multi-layered meaning.

Kåtan by Anders Hägglund is places outiside of Kulturhallen in Kåge and is so big it is visible from the road.

– I made the kåta "Frizon" a few years ago. My idea is that it should grow freely under the kåta's sticks, as it is interesting to follow from year to year which plants emerge, he says, adding:

– I hope many come here to appreciate the art in Kulturhallen. It is well worth a visit.


Exhibiting artists: Lise-Lott Gustafsson, Marga Isaksson, Lars Lidman, Staffan Lidman, Tage Lundin, Ethel Marklund, Erik Normark, Margot Sehlstedt-Persson, Roger Sandberg, and Anders Hägglund.

Kulturhallen, Ostvik 71, Kåge

The exhibition runs throughout July. Open from 12:00 to 16:00, Friday to Sunday.