300 new apartments approved in Sörböle

The neighbors' objections to the development plan were unsuccessful, and a new, detailed plan for a plot in Sörböle has been given the green light. Samhällsbyggnadbolaget intends to construct rental apartments on the site.

Sörböle from the air.

Sörböle from the air.

Foto: Norran

Engelska2024-03-22 14:15

Some residents in the neighboring area criticized the plan, particularly the height of the buildings (up to seven stories) which they feared would cast excessive shadows. They also expressed concern that the construction could decrease the market value of their homes.

However, the municipality's building and environment committee disagreed and approved the plan at their Thursday meeting. Additional shadow calculations have been conducted, and the committee determined that the buildings will not cast an unreasonable amount of shade during the summer months.

There's even a belief that developing this old industrial site (called Volten 2 and located south of the Sörvalla football field) could actually improve the area's attractiveness. The site can accommodate approximately 300 apartments, with access from Brogatan.

The industrial history does leave some soil contamination, likely from the iron sand and possibly from oils and fuels. The environmental consultant recommends excavating contaminated soil layers where parks and lawns are planned, but leaving it in place under buildings and asphalt. This would involve removing about 3,600 tons of soil.

The existing floodlights at the Sörvalla sports field may need adjustments to avoid glare for the closest apartments. If modifications are necessary, the municipality will arrange the work but bill the housing company for the full cost.

Volten 2, Sörböle. This is how the plot looks today. The Sörvalla football fields are located closest to the north.