Fuel price cuts - diesel down to less than 19 kronor per liter

After raising prices on gasoline, diesel, and vehicle gas just this past Monday, leading fuel chains are now implementing price cuts across all fossil fuels.

It's now cheaper to fill up the tank. Stock image.

It's now cheaper to fill up the tank. Stock image.

Foto: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Ekonomi2024-04-09 17:00

The price of 95-octane gasoline at manned stations will decrease by 30 öre, bringing the new price down to 19.29 kronor per liter.

Diesel prices also see a 30-öre reduction, reaching 18.99 kronor per liter. Biodiesel (HVO100) follows suit with a 30-öre drop to 21.79 kronor per liter, while ethanol sees a slightly smaller decrease of 14 öre, settling at 14.34 kronor per liter. 

It's important to note that fuel prices typically vary depending on the station (manned or unmanned) and location.

More than half of the current fuel price is made up of carbon dioxide tax, energy tax, and VAT applied to both the taxes themselves and the base fuel cost.

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