Suspected shooter from Skellefteå municipality

The man suspected of shooting at a car in Bygdeå is a former resident of Skellefteå. He has been questioned by the police and is now being held on suspicion of attempted murder. The weapon used was a licensed firearm belonging to the man.

Criminal technicians remained at the scene in Bygdeå after the shooting incident.

Criminal technicians remained at the scene in Bygdeå after the shooting incident.

Foto: Veronika Åström/VK

Bygdeå2023-08-02 16:19

The man in his mid-20s who is suspected of shooting at a car in Bygdeå was born and grew up in the municipality of Skellefteå. He lived in the municipality until a few years ago. He then moved to Robertsfors municipality.

Andreas Nyberg, the prosecutor, has previously said:
We suspect that the act is related to mental health problems. He tells Norran that this is based on observations at the scene and internal investigations.

– We are checking with the primary care and psychiatric services to see if there have been any previous reports and what kind of contact the person has had with the authorities before.

Prosecutor Andreas Nyberg.

The suspect has now been remanded in custody on suspicion of attempted murder, according to VK. He was questioned by police yesterday. The police conducted a brief preliminary interview with the suspect's defence lawyer, during which the suspicions were presented.

Prosecutor Nyberg does not want to disclose the exact type of weapon used, but he mentioned that the weapon will be further examined. He also said that the previous suspicion of aggravated weapons offences had been dropped.

Is it a licensed firearm?

– We suspect that it is a licensed firearm and the suspect has a licence for the weapon. That's why the weapons charge was dropped, says Nyberg.

A large area was cordoned off after the shooting incident.

The man is in custody and still in hospital. He will either be formally remanded in custody or released by 12 o'clock on Friday.

The police are planning a more detailed interview with the suspect's defence lawyer this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on the suspect's health.

What is the current state of health of the suspect?

"I don't know more than that he is currently in hospital," says Andreas Nyberg.

The man, who has been informed of the suspicion, has not responded to the criminal allegations. The police's assessment is that the man has understood the information given to him, says prosecutor Nyberg.

While trying to subdue the man, police fired a shot that hit him in the leg. This incident is now being investigated by a separate unit within the police, the Special Investigation Unit, led by a prosecutor from the Special Prosecutor's Office. Every time a police officer uses live ammunition, the incident has to be investigated by a prosecutor.