Kommunal strike called off - agreement reached

The labor union Kommunal and the employer party Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner (SKR) have accepted mediators' proposals. As a result, the planned strike scheduled for today will not take place, according to SKR's statement to TT.

Strike signs from Kommunal's bus strike in 2013. Archive image.

Strike signs from Kommunal's bus strike in 2013. Archive image.

Foto: Johan Nilsson/TT

Arbete2024-04-18 10:09

A potential strike by Sweden's municipal union, Kommunal, has been averted after reaching a new agreement with employers. The key sticking points, according to Kommunal, revolved around transparency and efficiency in the wage process. Specifically, the union highlighted delays in receiving new wages and the complexity surrounding exemptions for rest periods.

"We're glad to have secured an agreement that prioritizes collaboration in developing long-term solutions," stated Kommunal chairperson Malin Ragnegård in a press release. "These solutions aim to address the significant issues members face with the current wage system and unsustainable work schedules."

While new wage increases were also part of the agreement, they weren't the primary focus. The negotiated salary increase aligns with market trends, amounting to a 3.3% rise in 2024. Kommunal further clarifies that "the new agreement includes central wage increases totaling 985 kronor, with 450 kronor guaranteed to each individual employee."

The averted strike, scheduled for this (Thursday) morning, would have had widespread impact. Numerous school and elderly care facility kitchens were slated for closure, while hospitals faced potential cancellations of surgeries. Additionally, some sporting events were at risk of disruption.

This one-year agreement covers roughly 550,000 municipal employees, bringing a welcome halt to the potential disruption.